UX conf London - Growing a business with UX, but not chasing money

This talk is about growing a business through good user experience. When you hear this, you may think that I just mean “good design means more customers”, but this talk goes deeper than that. I will talk about applying UX throughout a business and how this kind of user focused thinking, can allow your business to grow more organically, with less penny pinching, less cost and in less time.

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Create Leicester talk - Growing a business with UX, but not chasing money

This talk is an adaption on my UX conference talk - Growing a business with UX. This version is more adapted to small businesses.

Uxify bulgaria talk - Employee Experience

Uxify bulgaria talk - Employee Experience

Employees deserve a great experience, whether it’s their technology set up, their performance assessment or even their payslips. This talk ran through my findings over the last 5 years, working on employee experience, covering the pitfalls and joys.

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UX is everywhere Sketchnote

UX is everywhere — my talk from Ladies that UX lightning talks 2017

I spoke at Ladies that UX in London about how UX thinking can help improve your lives and the lives of those around you.
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MK Geek Night - UX is everywhere (developer edition)

MK Geek Night - UX is everywhere (developer edition)

This talk was given for MK Geek Night, a quarterly conference in Milton Keynes.
It is about user experience in the development world and beyond.
It will give a brief intro to UX, talk about its importance through development and how to use it to improve your code, development processes and ultimately, your life..

Open University Workshop - UX of social media outputs

The Open University - The UX of social media, workshop

I worked with the Open University's Students' Association to help their student representatives get more out of social media. Being that the OU is a distance learning university it is key that social media is used to make the students still feel part of a university.
The workshop consisted of firstly drawing out user personas and then designing a social media page specifically for the user they had created. These were all then shared and discussed with each table.
This got the student representatives thinking about appropriate posts and how to cater for different types of students, enabling them all to contribute to each student's experience.

Podcast interview with Gregarious Mammal

How do techies and creatives learn best with Jessica Lovegood | Podcast interview

Gregarious Mammal is a blog/podcast by a pair of tech writers, journalists and developer experience experts based in Berlin, Germany.
I was interviewed by the mammals to talk about my research piece on how creatives and techies learn best.
Catch up on the interview on their website to learn more about the results.