osaco group website design

OSACO group - website build and digital consultation

This was a long term website collaboration project with designers. We worked together to put together a great design in an agile fashion, that presented OSACO in the correct way.
This project used a multitude of skills including front-end development, content editing, artwork preparation, SEO knowledge and Wordpress development.

Richmond University digital transformation

Richmond University - Large scale digital transformation

Richmond University were in need of some large scale improvements of their digital assets across the board. I ran a large scale project involving a brand new website, brand work, content re-writes, email template improvements, SEO, analytics, accessbility and post work training. Items produced included:

  • New information architecture
  • Full content re-writes (courtesy of Jack McDaniel)
  • Wireframes of key pages including course pages
  • New design
  • New email template designs
  • SEO review and recommendations
  • Website documentation
  • Wordpress training for marketing staff
Coverguard Security website design

Coverguard Security - website design and build

Coverguard Security are a local security company, doing a large majority of the security work in Milton Keynes. I both designed and built the website and consulted with the business on things like marketing, hosting and strategy.